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Hail Hail Rock ‘n’ Roll is a tribute to the pioneers of popular music from the music’s acoustic roots in the early 1900s to the massive stadium phenomenon it is today. There’s the bluegrass sound of Bill Monroe, the Chicago blues of Muddy Waters, the rock ‘n’ roll of Chuck Berry and Elvis Presley, Beatlemania, the gospel/soul sound of Smoky Robinson and the Miracles, the funk of James Brown, the hip hop of 25cent, the heavy guitar of Jimi Hendrix and much much more. Hail Hail Rock ‘n’ Roll asks where did rock ‘n’ roll come from? And then puts the whole story into context for young audiences.

Hail Hail Rock ‘n’ Roll taps into the original musical magic that made these artists great with faithful live vocal and instrumental performances- there are no tricks or backing tapes here – and the kids will love it!! A trio of virtuoso singer/musicians perform and explain the development of bluegrass, country music, the blues, soul music, funk, hip hop and heavy metal. Instrumentally the show features performances on the violin, mandolin, harmonica, acoustic and electric guitars, electric bass and a full drum kit. Hail Hail Rock ‘n’ Roll’s secret weapon is the trio’s vocal prowess with soaring lead and background vocals, a cappella singing, beat boxing and rapping.

The company

Rockola Music shows have played to over 400,000 students since the company started in 1993. This show has Playfull [SA] Quality Assurance.
Cast: Stuart Day, Quinton Dunne & Chris Tucker

What schools and students said

“This show is a Hit! –Brilliant- we all want Rockola back!!!” Killarney State School Qld.

“unreal, super, cool, entertaining, absolutely fabulous, funny, loud, MEGA!.” Exit responses Christian Brothers College. SA.

“We found the children’s reaction unbelievable! The band proved to be inspiring”. Fairfield Primary School. Vic.

Would you like to contact another school to ask what they thought about a recent Rockola performance?
Just ask and we will provide some school contact details.

Cost and Technical

Cost: $5.50 [Inc GST] per student with a min charge of $660 which is equivalent to 120 students

Target Audience: Primary school audience
Duration: 55 minutes including question time.

The Rock The Kids Album

Recording the Rock The Kids! album gave us the opportunity to use more authentic instrumentation for the songs. So in addition to the drum kit, electric guitar, electric bass, acoustic guitar, mandolin , violin, harmonica and maracas that we use in the live show we  used the  stomp board and  acoustic bassplus extra guitar, vocal and harmonica parts which it is not possible include in the live show.

view Rock the Kids in iTunes

Contact: Rockola Music
Email: quinmon[AT] 
Ph/fax 08 82784 864 Mobile 0418 147 220

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